Autopaint Southampton
Autopaint Southampton

A few popular product prices

we stock over 600 products and cant possibly name them all, so here are a few common products prices, if its not listed give our friendly staff a call to get current prices. all prices are excluding VAT 20.00%



  • 25ltrs Standard Thinners                                                £18.13
  • 5ltrs Standard Thinners                                                  £6.21
  • 1ltr uni Thinners                                                            £4.57
  • 1ltr Base coat Thinners                                                   £5.60
  • 5ltrs uni Thinners Fast                                                    £21.70
  • 5ltrs Base Coat Thinners                                                 £17.95
  • 1ltr Fast Flash Synthetic Thinners                                    £5.60
  • 5ltrs Fast Flash Synthetic Thinners                                   £16.95



  • 1ltr 2k PF131 High Build Primer                                        £11.14
  • 3.5ltrs Primer 2k High Build                                              £30.84
  • 5ltrs Grey/Red oxide Primer                                              £26.00



     we stock a vast range of 150mm discs, velcro discs grits range from 40 grit up to 2000 grit, also we have 3000 grit pads. Self adhesive discs range from 40 grit up to 500 grit. prices start from £7.50 per box.


Paper wet or dry /production paper


     We sell paper by the sheet, or in packs of 25 (quire).

we stock 3m paper and indasa paper. Grits in production are 40 grit up to 320 grit.

wet or dry paper is available in 180 grit up to 2500.


Velcro strips


    we stock some 70 x 420mm velcro strips 40 drit up to 320 grit, prices start from £28.00 per box of 50.









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Portsmouth Road
The Old Bakery  

SO31 8EQ

Tel: +44 2380 406136



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We offer a selection of popular products at competitive prices.


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